'Why do you eat so much grass?' asked the owl. 'Grass is an emetic.'
'I find it digestive,' the rabbit replied, 'and I love it.'

'Why do you not eat snails?' continued the owl.
'Because I hate them,' answered the rabbit.

'Impossible!' exclaimed the owl. 'Who is there to love what, and what is there to be hated by whom? The two most fatuous words in our language!'
'Any two of us,' the rabbit suggested, 'you and I, for instance.'

'Absurd,' continued the owl, 'how could we be two?'
'Why not?' inquired the rabbit.

'Because I am, and you are not,' concluded the owl.
'But in space-time ... ' suggested the rabbit.

'In no time,' snapped the owl, with a loud clack of his beak and an almost vertical swoop.
'Perhaps,' said the rabbit, as she dived into her burrow, 'but not this one!'

(© HKU Press, 1974)

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