'I am this-I-am,' said the owl, 'absolutely I, devoid of any objective quality soever.'
'Is that so indeed?' sniffed the rabbit, wrinkling her nose.

'Objectively, I am everything, and whatever appears in the mirror of my mind, which absolutely I am.'
'You don't look like that at all,' commented the rabbit.

'You are only looking at what you see,' the owl answered; 'you are looking from the wrong direction as usual.'
'I can only see what is in front of me and, by turning round, what is behind.'

'Quite so, quite so,' answered the owl, 'and you see nothing but what isn't there!'
'Then where are they?' asked the rabbit.

'Within, within,' assured the owl. 'All is within. You will see!' he added, clacking his beak and raising his wings majestically, poised for a swoop.

(© HKU Press, 1974)

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