The rabbit, looking up, said to the owl, while ingesting several inches of grass, 'I often wonder why you open your eyes when it's dark and keep them closed when it's light?'
'When I shine,' replied the owl, 'there is no darkness, for darkness is only absence of light, and then I observe you perpetually eating whatever the earth brings forth; when I cease to shine nothing whatever can appear.'

'Then our worlds must be different?' suggested the rabbit.
'There are no worlds,' snapped the owl, with a click of his beak, 'other than what appears when I shine.'

'And what appears when the sun shines?' suggested the rabbit.
'I am the sun,' concluded the owl; 'what you think you see is only a reflection in your split-mind.'

'Is that so indeed?' replied the rabbit, twitching her nose dubiously. 'Then why do you and the sun not shine at the same time?'
'I am "time",' added the owl, 'and all "time" is my time. Moreover at this "time" I am beginning to feel hungry.'

'All right, all right,' sighed the rabbit - as she dived hastily into her burrow.

(© HKU Press, 1974)

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