'This fashionable habit of "living and dying" is a great nuisance!' sighed the owl, stretching his wings wearily.
'I rather enjoy it,' replied the rabbit.

'You mean, I suppose, that you think you do.'
'Then how can I not?'

'Thinking is only a notion in split-mind,' said the owl. 'There is nothing factual about it whatever.'
'But I am happy,' insisted the rabbit.

'Nonsense, nonsense,' snapped the owl, 'there is no "you" to be anything nor any "thing" for you to be!'
'Pity,' sighed the rabbit, 'I have always thought that there was.'

'Thought! Thought!!' deplored the owl, swivelling his head through ninety degrees. 'A futile habit, universally condemned by the Sages.'
'What are the Sages, then, who cannot be bothered to think, and how do they sage?'

'Those who apperceive,' explained the owl shortly, 'present a further dimensional extension.'
'And what may that be?'

'A further direction of measurement - of vision,' explained the owl.
'And how does that work?' asked the rabbit.

'Conceptualizing is thereby excluded,' snapped the owl; 'split-mind is then whole.'
'And what is the effect of that?' inquired the rabbit.

'They see directly, of course,' the owl answered, swivelling back his head and fixing the rabbit with his luminous eyes, 'and then, of course, "they" are absent.'
'So what?' mused the rabbit uneasily. 'I mean, what is present?'

'Present?' asked the owl. 'Why, everything, of course!'
'Everything?' queried the rabbit, skipping with surprise. 'How can that be?'

'In my conceptual absence,' hooted the owl, 'everyone and everything is welcome HERE, where I AM, - and where they will be Absolutely at home!'

(© HKU Press, 1974)

* * * * *