'My absence is what I am,' said the owl, 'and it has been called "the Void".'
'Yes?' commented the rabbit, toying with a savoury thistle.

'When I am absent the universe is present,' continued the owl, 'and even you would be welcome.'
'How delightful!' the rabbit replied, skipping politely. 'But where?'

'Here,' the owl snapped conclusively, 'absolutely HERE.'
'And where exactly is that?'

'Where I am, which is where I was, and always have been,' snapped the owl.
'Then where will I be?' the rabbit inquired anxiously.

'Here, HERE, of course! Where else could you be?'
'But where will there be room for both of us where you are?' asked the rabbit innocently.

'You will be present in my absence,' the owl explained patiently.
'I do not see how that can be,' replied the rabbit.

'You will, you will!' assured the owl, preparing his absence. 'I will see to that.'

(© HKU Press, 1974)

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