The Supreme Vehicle is ...

(pub. The Mountain Path, January, 1967. Posthumous Pieces (HKU Press, 1968) Part IV, Chap. 94)

The Supreme Vehicle is total negation of both elements of all possible contradictories (opposites), of all concepts and their counterparts.

It negates both positive and negative: it negates negation itself. Resolutely and finally, in one completed gesture, it turns away from all statements and conclusions soever. Objectification is seen as objecti-fiction - and is once and for all wiped out.

This is true-seeing, whole-seeing, and liberation from all that constitutes bondage, for negation is seen to be the true nature of illusory phenomena, which is void, and by means of Negation is that seen.

No elements of binding remain, for all binding is conceptual. Nor is there freedom - since there is no non-conceptual entity to be free, nor anything binding from which to be unbound. So that total phenomenal negation (absence) is found to be total noumenal affirmation (presence).

Negation is the truth, by knowing which we can be aware of what-we-are in the act of knowing what we-are-not.

Note: The above is not only the heart of Buddhism, an epitome of the Madhyamika, and stated in the Heart Sutra, but the Maharshi - shortly before his death, and using three interdependent counterparts - said:

There is neither Creation nor Destruction,
Neither Destiny nor Free-will,
Neither Path nor Achievement;
This is the final Truth.

To confirm it would be presumptuous, to re-state it is a duty, to understand it is liberation.

* * * * *