To Hell with it All!

For goodness' sake let's give up all this objectivising nonsense! It has gone on altogether too long! Wasting our apparent lives objectivising from morning to night, and from night to morning - except for deep sleep when we go sane for a short respite.

Take the absurd idea people have about there being a moon in the sky! What is a 'moon', what is a 'sky', and where is either the one or the other to be 'inside' or 'outside' the other or the one? Did you ever hear such balderdash?

We know perfectly well, you who are reading this know perfectly well, where the so-called 'moon' comes from, where it belongs, and the so-called 'sky' along with it! They belong with all the other phenomenal objects we objectify day and night, dreaming 'asleep' or dreaming 'awake' - rhinos and roses, beetles and bodhisattvas, dandelions and dragons.

Aren't you heartily sick of them all? No? Very well, then, admire them, do what you like with them, but for Heaven's sake don't go on thinking that they 'exist' as such in some sort of way somewhere or other 'over there', 'up there', 'down there' or any other sort of 'where'!

You know quite well where they 'exist', how they 'exist', and that their only 'existence' is at home where they belong, which is where you perceive them.

That is living practice.

(© HKU Press, 1965)

* * * * *