Need there be purpose - since there is no choice?

* * *

All I am is 'seeing' when I see,
All I am is 'hearing' when I hear,
All I am is 'sentience' when I feel,
All I am is 'understanding' when I know.

* * *

True-seeing is non-seeing - no one looking.
True hearing is non-hearing - no one listening.
True action is non-action - no one doing.
True thinking is non-thinking - no one thinking.
Spontaneity alone is non-volitional - and there is no I.

'That which hearing is - is beyond thought, mind and body' (Surangama Sutra). What is heard is the hearer thereof.

* * *

The totality of an action is in function of the totality of the absence of the performer thereof. That alone is pure action.

* * *

Unborn and Undead

There is neither birth nor death; birth and death are objective only.
Objective living is phenomenal. This which we are is not phenomenal: a shadow is not its substance. But it has no existence apart from its substance.

* * *


Phenomenal objects apparently desperately hunting for themselves as subject! How could an object seek its subject? All it is is subject, and all it does is done by subject, so that subject itself is desperately hunting for itself!

* * *


The 'subject' which they then find that they are is no entity, for subject can never be that.

Once more: the subject of object is itself an object as 'subject', just as the object of 'subject' is itself nothing but subject. That is, they are one, and how they are one, two sides of a single coin, without the coin: they are subject and object alternatively and at once.

Is this semantic jugglery? Perhaps, but it could never be anything else, for it can be understood but cannot be expressed as a logical proposition. It might help, but would change nothing, if the words 'object' and 'subject' were replaced by the words 'phenomena' and 'noumenon'. All phenomena are nothing but noumenon, and there is no such thing as noumenon: noumenon is 'noumenon' only as phenomena. Thought of, they appear as two things, but they are not even as dual concepts: as such they are both phenomenal. They are one whole - and that is no thing.

This understanding is, perhaps, the essential understanding - and it cannot be syllogistically expressed.

* * *

Even the best writing is like taking pot-shots at the moon.

(© HKU Press, 1965)

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