A.B.C. 1 : The Culprit

All the evil in the world, and all the unhappiness, comes from the I-concept.

There are two methods of dealing with it: the dualistic approach, by seeking to discipline, purify, or otherwise ameliorate this supposed self which suffers and does ill, that is working by means of that which is itself the cause; and the non-dualist method, by disposing of it, by eradicating the cause, by realising that it is only a concept and is not I at all.

Only the second method can be completely efficacious, because it alone is radical and permanent. If it can be realised that the subject is not the I-concept, that the I-concept is not the subject, its power - for evil as for suffering - must automatically cease to be effective.

* * *

We do not possess an 'ego',
We are possessed by the idea of one.

(© RKP, 1963)

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