Nothing in Something

To look upon the Void as an emptiness that exists somewhere in a cosmic fullness will never open the mind to its wholeness. Vision must start afresh by realising that a cosmic plenitude is an imaginary implication, and that the cosmos itself is not. The Void is not nothing somewhere within something: that something is nothing, there is nowhere within it, and the Void is that.

Something in Nothing

It is the basic notion, the fundamental conception that is erroneous. People start by assuming reality, a something, a positively existing continuum, and then seek to situate the Void somewhere therein. But it is the Void we have to take as the basic notion, the fundamental conception, the continuum that is a non-continuum - and then see that if there is anything apparent anywhere it can only be in that.

That Which is Not. I

We must go further! Just as we have realised that 'I am not in reality', and that there is no being therein, so we have to understand that there is no reality either.

Reality is just a manifestation of No-reality, for only nothing can be said to exist. In fact, of course, nothing exists, which means that it does not exist as nothing.

That again is the Void, directly approached or seen as it is not.

I am Not

That which I think is 'I am' is really nothing of the kind: that is that-which-Is - experience, consciousness, being. I am not any of those things, or all of them, for no such thing as I exists. 'I' is only a technique whereby experience is registered in a manner that is interpreted as 'personal'.

That which I think is 'I am' is experience, consciousness, being, but they are not either except in so far as they are not.

They are not, therefore they are. For so it is.

(© RKP, 1963)

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