The Illuminating Vision

The fact of conceiving that which is expressed by the words 'I am' makes 'that I am' an object of the conceiving subject. Ultimately, it seems, I am necessarily an object. In fact a subject is necessarily an object in so far as it is seen as a subject.

What, then, is the subject of which I am the object? There is only one subject that cannot become an object, because it cannot be conceived and has no existence in duality - and that is 'I am not'.

And that, no doubt, is why 'I am not, therefore I am'. It is also why I cannot possibly be, because, in order to be, I must become an object - and because I cannot be that, I am not. And why, not being, yet I am.

Subject and object are then seen as one. We are both subject and object, alternatively in duality, simultaneously, fused, in unicity.

And is not that the 'Truth of Ch'an' - as Huang Po assured us?

* * *

If Being is subject, and everything, including myself (in the dream) is object, then I am object, and subject only in so far as I am Being, like everything else. But Being is also an object and is not.

* * *

Because I am not - everything is.
Because I am - not a thing is.
Everything is, because Now (the now-moment) is always present.

* * *

When subject becomes object, object thereby becomes subject. For each is both, and both are each.

* * *

But neither I-object nor I-subject, but only I-am-not can see subject and object as one.

(© RKP, 1963)

* * * * *