Enlightenment By Non-Action

All so-called volition is a manifestation of the I-concept. Who seeks enlightenment? As long as it is sought under the compulsion of the I-concept how could it possibly be realised?

On the other hand, as soon as the I-concept disappears, it is seen to be there all the time.

But the I-concept only wants pseudo-enlightenment, by which it can pose as a sage; realisation, involving its own liquidation, does not appear at all desirable, and it will place every possible obstacle in the way.

This is the reason why any and every 'method', 'discipline', etc., subject to the I-concept, must be a path leading away from home. Since all action that is not non-action, or, as we see it, spontaneous, is performed under the compulsion of the I-concept - for there is no other 'actor', that is no real 'actor' at all - enlightenment or satori can only be the consequence of non-action.


Gratifying the I-concept can never render a service. That, no doubt, is why the Masters never did it, for rendering service was their sole use of living.

Yet it is the sole method of what we regard as rendering service.

(© RKP, 1963)

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